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Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic Eye Exams

At the Eye Center of West Jordan, we offer diabetic eye exams for all ages. Our team of experienced eye doctors is dedicated to providing high-quality care and ensuring the health and wellness of your eyes.

What to Expect During a Diabetic Eye Exam

  • Thorough Examination: During a diabetic eye exam, expect a comprehensive assessment of your eye health, including visual acuity testing, intraocular pressure measurement, and evaluation of the retina and optic nerve.
  • Dilated Pupil Evaluation: Your pupils will be dilated with eye drops to allow for a detailed examination of the retina, blood vessels, and other structures at the back of the eye.
  • Retinal Imaging: Advanced imaging techniques such as fundus photography or optical coherence tomography (OCT) may be used to capture detailed images of the retina, facilitating early detection of diabetic eye complications.
  • Discussion of Findings: Following the exam, your eye care provider will discuss any findings with you, including the presence of diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, or other related conditions, as well as their implications for your eye health.
  • Treatment Recommendations: Based on the exam results, your eye care provider will recommend appropriate treatment options, which may include lifestyle modifications, medication, laser therapy, or referral to a specialist for further management.
  • Education and Support: Throughout the exam process, expect to receive valuable education about diabetic eye disease, preventive measures, and strategies for managing diabetes-related eye complications. Your eye care team will provide ongoing support and guidance to help you maintain optimal eye health and vision.

During a diabetic eye exam, you can anticipate a thorough evaluation of your eyes, including dilated pupil assessment, retinal imaging, and discussion of findings and treatment options with your eye care provider. This comprehensive approach aims to detect and manage diabetic eye complications early on, preserving vision and promoting long-term eye health. Through education and support, your eye care team will empower you to take control of your eye health and effectively manage diabetes-related eye issues.

Trust the Experts at Eye Center of West Jordan

At the Eye Center of West Jordan, we are committed to delivering exceptional eye care services to individuals and families in West Jordan, Utah. Recognizing the significance of thorough eye examinations, we endeavor to create a comfortable and convenient experience for our patients, specifically tailored to their needs. Schedule your diabetic eye exam with us today to safeguard the health and wellness of your eyes. Don’t hesitate to reach out and book an appointment to ensure clear vision and long-term eye health.